Nioh is getting a 'last chance' demo that's only live for two days


Well, at least you know ahead of time

Starting this weekend, you’ll have the opportunty to play a “Last Chance” demo of Nioh. The catch? It’s only live for this weekend— they weren’t kidding with a tagline like that!

Niohis set to launch on February 7, but if you still haven’t gotten a chance to give it a go or want to see how much it’s changed since the first beta, you’ll have your shot. It’ll run from January 21 to the end of January 22 (you can pre-load later today), and like the demos in the past, it’ll expire after that time and provide extra in-game rewards in the full version if you complete it.

As Team Ninja notes in the PlayStation blog post, you also have one final finalchance at earning the alpha and beta demo items. I have to give it to Koei Tecmo, they really pushed this one hard and gave the team a real shot at getting it out there. If you haven’t tried it yet go do so — it’s a great free way to spend the weekend as this collective demo build is pretty robust!

Nioh: Last Chance Trial Begins January 21 [PlayStation Blog]