NIS is up to its teasing tricks again with new 'pocket watch' site


The clock’s ticking, dude

Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) loves nothing more than a good teaser website. They’re borderline obsessed with them, frankly. This morning sees the Japanese publisher kickstart another marketing mystery, thanks to the arrival of a sparse website that features a simple-yet-ornate pocket watch and an even simpler message: “Three Days…”

What could it mean? What new title is on the horizon? And will it involve doe-eyed teenagers embroiled in some form of social murder-mystery? Frankly, you could probably put all of your safe money on that last one. Hell, even modern-day shmups have started adopting that trope. All jesting aside, this could be anything — the teaser, its website, and its domain are currently incredibly tight-lipped on leaving behind any clues… It’s gonna be about murder though, isn’t it?

Stick around. We will, of course, bring you all of the details on this release once NIS shows its hand.