No breasts, yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk


Secrets from Monkey Island development

Aric Wilmunder worked on some of LucasArts’ most famous classics, from Monkey Island to Day of the Tentacle. He sits somewhere between sentimental and pack rat, too, having kept a ton of the original documents behind the creation of these classics. Slowly but surely, he’s uploading them to his website, where he explains, “Years ago I visited the LucasArts facility in the San Francisco Presidio and brought along two grocery bags of design documents. I asked if they had an archivist and I was told that since I had kept these safe for over two decades, it was best if I just kept them together.”

Our own Handsome Holmes sent in the “completely amazing” repository, noting one particular detail in the original flow document for The Secret of Monkey Island (then known as Mutiny on Monkey Island): “no breasts.”

Wilmunder’s work should put us all on no-tits; we need as many archivists of the medium as we can get to fill the industry’s annals. Check ’em out. The good thing is, because it’s LucasArts, they’re actually funny and a light read.