No Final Fantasy XV PC port in the works… yet


Square Enix ‘had to focus’ on consoles

Square Enix is “aware of the big call for a PC version” of Final Fantasy XV, but a port isn’t in the works.

Speaking with Engadget, the title’s director Hajime Tabata asserted the development team “had to focus on the console version and our goal was to maximize, optimize everything for the HD consoles.”

“Unfortunately we weren’t able to do simultaneous development on a PC and console version for XV.

Once the console versions are complete, Tabata says his team will “definitely take a good, hard look at PC and what we need to do, and consider all our options. But right now we aren’t decided, we’re still considering a lot of things.”

Final Fantasy XV will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30. A new “Platinum” demofor the game and the first episode of an anime tie-in series released yesterday evening.

A mobile game based on a pinball machine featured in Final Fantasy XV is also on the way.

Final Fantasy XV lands September 30th [Engadget]