No Man's Sky overhauls its combat with the Sentinel Update


Let the AI take the wheel

No Man’s Sky got another big update out of the blue today, dubbed the Sentinel Update. The new patch reworks the combat and Sentinel enemies, as well as a new Expedition and more.

The crux of the Sentinels Update is the Sentinels themselves. The robotic automatic defenses of various planets are bothersome, yes. But the Sentinels Update for No Man’s Sky is making them a bit more formidable of a foe. The new Hardframe Battle Mech can employ a jetpack in battle, as well as a flamethrower.

Sentinels are also getting their own control posts called Pillars, which serve as highly-guarded forts. Heavy Combat Drones can also roll out to deal with pesky explorers, and Sentinel drones will have a wider range of weapons to use in fights. Repair drones can also deploy, and there are some huge battles you can get into with Sentinel forces.

The explorers of No Man’s Sky get some new toys in this update too, though. More Multi-tools can be carried and the Minotaur mech has been improved. The latter even has an AI function you can equip now, so it can follow you around and help out like your very own BT.

More quality-of-life features are included as well, like faster warping and increased companion slots. Players with compatible graphics cards on PC can also opt into NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing tech, or DLAA, and Hello Games confirms No Man’s Sky will support the Steam Deck.

It’s another big post-launch update to add to the bevy of No Man’s Sky updates. But, like previous ones, it continues to amaze me how this game stays supported through the years. Cheers to all the explorers setting off to fight the Sentinels today.