No more endless Mega Man merch: the Capcom Store is closing on May 1


They’re clearing everything out

It’s a sad day for merch. Pour one out for hats and shoes.

Capcom is a character factory. It’s what it does best! And it’s not afraid to lend those characters out to any number of crazy crossovers, or even make entire crossover games. Capcom arguably has one of the most respectable rosters in all of the industry, which is why they capitalize so much on it in the form of merch.

If you want merch from pretty much any Capcom franchise, you can find it. Mega Man? You can literally find any Mega Manknick-knack you want. Same with Ryu. It’s just a fact of life. I Googled “Mega Man Shoes” just now and it came up with a hit. Good ol’ Capcom.

However, the world has been changing this past year and some things are going away: and that includes an easy access way to get official Capcom merch. The publisher has announced this week that the Capcom Store is closing down, and the last day to place an order is May 1, 2021.

After that point pre-orders and the like will be fulfilled, but the store itself will be shutting down, possibly forever. Capcom warns that “supplies are limited” during this transition period. Goodnight, sweet prince! Buy that last bit of Mega Man shaving cream before it’s gone forever.

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