No More Heroes 3 has motion controls, but you can play without them if you want


Getting answers straight from the horse’s mouth

One of the big, surprise announcements from Nintendo’s E3 Showcase was the confirmation Suda51 is working on the oft-requested No More Heroes 3. In a presentation full of must-have titles, it was the standout for me. As luck would have it, I was scheduled to interview the man himself just hours after the world premiere of that trailer and ask about his upcoming game. While a full recap of our interview is coming, I wanted to share this tidbit of info about how No More Heroes 3will control.

The first and second No More Heroesgames were obviously inspired by the hardware they originated on. That idea rings true for the third installment. The capabilities of the Switch are playing a large role in how the game is being developed, and that includes using the full functionality of the Joy-Con controllers.

“The first two games had mechanics that were based off what the Wii could do and the functionality of those unique controllers,” Suda explained through his translator. “Because this is another installment in the mainline series, I definitely want to bring it back to what I did with the Wii originally, which is take advantage of the Joy-Con and everything those make possible with the Switch now. So the way we’re making the game currently, you can play the entire thing with the Joy-Con attached to the unit itself. You’ll have no problem playing like that at all, but I believe the best way to play the game would be to take them off. That’s not to say it’ll play exactly as it did on the Wii but it’s going to be a lot similar and along the same lines to what you could do with the Wii controllers.”

No More Heroes 3 is still early in development and Suda said there may be more ideas implemented into the game based on what he and his team discover as they continue to work with the Switch dev kit.