No More Heroes 3 won't be powering up its beam katana until 2021


COVID strikes again

Of all the delays we’ve seen this year due to the pandemic, this one somehow felt like the most inevitable. Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51 have confirmed the highly anticipated Switch-exclusive No More Heroes IIIwill not see release in 2020. According to the message posted by the developers on Twitter, COVID-19 resulted in work delays on the title, and rather than rush it out, Suda wants his team to prioritize quality as development gets back on its feet.

An important announcement regarding the Nintendo Switch exclusive title No More Heroes 3.#NMH3 #NoMoreHeroes3 #SUDA51 #NintendoSwitch #TRAVIS #TravisTouchdown

— Grasshopper (@Grasshopper_EN) September 10, 2020

It’s not all bad news though. Suda confirmed he’ll be working with Darick Robertson, comic book artist and one of the creators of the comic book seriesThe Boys, which has been adapted into a popular show on Amazon Prime Video. Robertson will be providing original illustrations for No More Heroes III, as well as its key art.

Presenting “Demzamtiger & His Master” – a specially commissioned piece for NMH3 by Darick Robertson.

— SUDA51/éˆç”°å‰›ä¸€ (@suda_51) September 10, 2020