No physical edition of Heavy Rain on PS4 in North America


Everywhere else gets one, though

Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rainis getting a remaster on PlayStation 4 at the beginning of March. In all different regions, people have the option of picking up the Heavy Rainand Beyond: Two SoulsCollection, or just getting the digital version. Well, except in North America.

According to a regional launch schedule that Quantic Dream posted on Facebook, there’s no physical edition of Heavy Rainon PS4 in North America — not even the collection that’s being released everywhere else.

The developer makes no mention of why this is the case. It could have to do with the added logistics of a French company distributing overseas. Or, maybe it’s a necessity due to Internet infrastructure in some parts of those other regions. We just know the end result, not the how come.

The Heavy Rainremaster releases in North America on March 1. It was previously mentioned that people who bought Beyond: Two Souls‘ remaster would receive a discount on Heavy Rain, but that wasn’t elaborated upon with today’s news.

Heavy Rain and the Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection coming in March to PS4! [Facebook]