Nobody Saves the World heads to Switch, PS4, and PS5 with local co-op


Current platforms are getting a co-op update, too

Did you know the developers behind Guacamelee made a wacky action-RPG that’s — no surprise here — really cool? I love Drinkbox, and its latest release, Nobody Saves the World, is worth playing, especially if you’re in the mood for a co-op adventure. After launching on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, Nobody Saves the World is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 on April 14, 2022 — along with local co-op support across the board.

As you might’ve gleaned from the trailer, this is a dungeon-crawling RPG with an overworld to explore, optional quests to complete, and a bunch of distinct forms for your “nobody” to morph into. One moment, you might be sliming up the terrain as a slug, raising an army of chomping undead as a zombie, or charging into demons as a horse.

Having recently checked it out on Game Pass, my favorite part of Nobody Saves the World is the challenge system, which pushes you to play as every class in order to expand them and also unlock further forms. It’s fun in an “always making progress” completionist sense, and it’s pretty enjoyable to mix and match abilities to fit the given dungeon, too.

Though it’s a nice podcast-and-grind experience, my big regret was not being able to team up locally, so knowing that a couch co-op update is coming to Xbox and PC is great news for anyone else in a similar boat. Those updates are expected to drop on April 14 (the same day as the Switch and PlayStation launch), so everyone’s covered. Nobody Saves the World is fun, but I bet it’s even better with a partner given the potential to combo abilities.

Nobody Saves the World local co-op
The Magician can pull more than just a rabbit out of his hat.

This is absolutely one of those games where you go in intending to play for “just a bit,” then all of a sudden you come to, realizing how much time has flown by. It’s a day derailer! Even if top-down action-RPGs are a bit outside of your wheelhouse and you’re mostly here for the ol’ Drinkbox charm as, say, a fan of Guacamelee, I’d still check it out.

Nobody Saves the World is up on the Nintendo Switch eShop and PlayStation Store, and there will be a 10 percent discount for pre-orders. Game Pass is swell if you have it.