Noir puzzle platformer Renoir on Kickstarter


Now with gameplay footage

A few months back we got our first look at Renoir and I expressed some cautious optimism since the film noir genre is underused in games but the reveal trailer had no information on gameplay past the puzzle-platformer genre designation. The project is now up on Kickstarter with an extended trailer and gameplay explanation.

Taken in parts, each individual aspect of Renoir has been done before. The plot centers on a ghost detective trying to solve his own murder. The art is mostly monochromatic with a few splashes of color. The gameplay involves playing a section, rewinding, and then cooperating with a recording of that play. All that said, I’m still drawn to it. It’s gotta be the noir angle that hooks me.

Renoir kicked off it Kickstarter campaign a couple days ago and it has since made a decent chunk of its roughly $60,000 base funding goal. It’s far from being a sure thing at this stage, but there is some interest. If funded, it is planned for release on Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, with the console releases coming in after PC.