Nominees for Destructoid's Best PC Game of 2015


Got a PC? Then you’ve got a computer!

The personal computer (“PC,” to those in the know) is always good for a clutch of unexpected surprises and in 2015 it was no different. There heavy hitters are there, from Metal Gear to The Witcher.

But there is also an unexpected legitimate challenger in the crowded MOBA arena in the form of Heroes of the Storm. Or two novel pieces of interactive fiction in Her Story and The Beginner’s Guide. Downwell brought the Game Boy to PCs. Invisible Inc. manages to find the correct point where stealth and strategy complement each other perfectly. There’s flat out fun in Borderlands‘ humorous adventure or Rocket League‘s car soccer. Soma and Undertale appear to be some of the most moving games of this year.

Here are the nominees for Destructoid’s Best PC Game of 2015:

[Incomplete products like Steam Early Access titles, and episodic titles that are not fair to assess as stand alone experiences, without a full episode count, were not eligible for this year’s awards.The cutoff for entry into Destructoid’s 2015’s Game of the Year awards is December 4, 2015.]