Nominees for Destructoid's Best Xbox One Game of 2018


The gang’s all here

I’m a bit perplexed as I look at this list of nominees for Best Xbox One Game of 2018. There’s a duo of humongous open-world action games. There’s another game that takes place one minute at a time. There are two fighters. There’s a game where a car is the protagonist. There are rats.

I guess the through line here is that we had a hell of a good time playing all of them. That’s all that’s necessary for Game of the Year stuff. Quality is the great equalizer. Anything that’s good will find itself on lists at the end of the year. Anything that’s exceptionally good will probably find itself hoisting some hardware.

These are the ones that stand a chance in the Xbox category. Some of them are Xbox (and Windows 10 PC) exclusives, some of them can be found on the now-stellar Xbox Game Pass, and some are just multiplatform games that happen to be on Xbox. Whoever wins, everyone on this list can hold their head up high.

These are the nominees for Destructoid’s Best Xbox One Game of 2018: