Not only is the Cotton remake nearly here, but an all-new sequel is also in the works


Retro series celebrates 30th anniversary with two titles

You see, sometimes, it takes three decades for a franchise to really hit its stride. At least that appears to be the case for cutesy shmup series Cotton that not only has a full remake on the horizon, but will also be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with a brand new sequel.

As a quick refresher, Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams is a horizontally scrolling shmup that was released in 1991 in Japanese arcades, before later making the move to the Sharp X68000. It concerns the adventures of a meddlesome young witch – the titular “Cotton” – who teams up with a sexy space fairy in order to save the latter’s planet from “The Evils.” Hardly the most magnanimous of characters, Cotton is mostly on-board thanks to her belief that the planet is home to the rarest of candy, and thus the pair jet off on their colorful quest.

Cotton Reboot! – first announced back in early 2019 – is a full remake of the X68000 home release, featuring new visuals, redesigned characters, a fresh score, and a selection of all-new score-attack modes. While it has lingered in development for some time, Cotton Reboot! is almost good to go, and will launch in Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch February 24, with a western release to follow shortly thereafter, courtesy of ININ Games.

But that’s not all, as publisher Beep has also announced that work has begun on an all-new Cotton adventure! While details at this time are very scarce, the new title is expected to launch in Japan later this year on undisclosed platforms. So it might have been quite the wait… several decades in fact… but at least fans will soon be getting more Cotton than they can handle.

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