Notable Japanese developers share their plans for 2016


No rest for Sakurai

Once again, Weekly Famitsu polled a bunch of Japanese game developers about their aspirations for the new year. Perusing this summary provided by Gematsu, a few responses stood out.

“We’ll safely release Persona 5 in 2016… I think,” said director Katsura Hashino, who was presumably having a bit of fun. (Uh, right? Right?) In the event the game’s release does slip, I’m afraid Steven may enter a deep slumber the likes of which not even a mystery grab bag full of puppies could wake him from. Rest easy, my sleeping beauty.

Further down the list, Killer7 and No More Heroes‘ Suda51 reminds us that the strange survival action title Let it Die is still happening. “Don’t worry, we’re making it,” he told the publication.

Then there’s Masahiro Sakurai, a man whose health and happiness I am genuinely concerned about. The dedicated Super Smash Bros. director says he wants to “enjoy every day like it’s Sunday,” but “that doesn’t mean the next job hasn’t been decided.”

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