Now even the Polish government is allegedly investigating Cyberpunk 2077


On top of investors and player lawsuits

Ah time to check in with the folks over at CD Projekt Red…oh my God what is happening this time?!

Amid accusations and lawsuits from pretty much all angles (internally and externally), the studio is now having to deal with bigger problems from within their own country. According to the Polish site, theOffice of Competition and Consumer Protection is looking into allegations that the game might be breaking industry standards. SpokespersonMaÅ‚gorzata Cieloch stated this past weekend that if the investigation shows CDPR at fault, and they fail to deliver proper fixes (the “impossible to play on consoles” are specifically mentioned) they could be docked up to 10% of their income.

The office looking to fault the higher-ups specifically, stating: “We will check how the producer is working on making corrections or solving difficulties that make it impossible to play on consoles, but also how he intends to act towards people who have made complaints and are dissatisfied with the purchase due to the lack of possibility to play the game on their equipment despite previous assurances of the produce.”

According to the report from,Cieloch and their office will “continually” check in on CDPR in this effort, as a sort of extra incentive that they deliver patches. Yikes! Now they have pretty much everyone breathing down their necks. You have to wonder if the “next-gen upgrade” is going to roll out anytime soon.

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