Now is the perfect time to start blogging on Dtoid!


Take our fancy new editor for a spin with this month’s Community Assignment

As you may have already noticed, our industrious engineers James and Niero have been hard at work these last few days installing some sexy new tools for our Community Blogs. Video and image embedding, text formatting, and more are all now readily available at the simple click of a streamlined button, and it’s all working as smooth as extra smooth peanut butter. It’s never been easier to blog on Destructoid!

It’s been a long time coming, and we’re incredibly thankful to all our dedicated (and patient) Cbloggers who chimed in with suggestions. We couldn’t have done it without you!

So what are you waiting for? Click here and give this baby a spin! Need some guidance? I’m glad you asked! Here’s September’s Community Assignment

What is your favorite videogame of all time? There isn’t a person among you who doesn’t have a favorite videogame. Tell us about yours! What made it so special to you? Was it a particular scene or gameplay element? Was it just the right game at the right time, or a timeless classic? Have you gone back and played it recently? If so, how did it hold up?

How you tackle this project is up to you — you can write about it, create some visual art, write an original piece of music, etc. — the important part is to just have fun! To participate, just start a new Community Blog, title it “My Favorite Game: [Game Name Here]”, and share your creation. The community team and I will be scouring the blogs for the rest of the month and promoting the best to the front page, so take some time and make yours memorable! (For general tips on getting your blog promoted, click here!)

Have fun!