Now you can send your unwanted Ooblets off to roam on a farm somewhere (we swear they're not dead)


Re-home the Oobs you can’t afford to keep

In a game about collecting little critters through dance battle prowess and agriculture, you find yourself overrun with Ooblets awfully quick. Not a problem! They’re adorable and only a monster wouldn’t want an endless flock of these little followbabies.

Actually, it is a problem. Oobletshas a cap on the number of creatures you can tend to at once. In the early game, it never comes up. You just keep harvesting new Ooblets because you figure more is better. Some can stay home and tend to the crops, others will defend your honor through dance.

Later, once you have access to new Ooblets that you want to try out (and scan for the databasing sidequest), you’ll inevitably be hit with a message telling you that you’ve hit your limit. The only way to add more Ooblets is to spring for more coops. That’s probably not where you want to invest your resources at the moment because coops are prohibitively expensive in the context of Ooblets. They require clothlets and oobsidian, both or which are needed for several of the quests you’re likely chipping away at.

The balancing of it all is just kinda off, and that’s the point of launching in early access. The solution is to jettison some of those Ooblets far away so that they aren’t your problem anymore. Don’t worry — they’re going to a loving home where they can run around and dance to their hearts’ content.

Oobletsupdate v0.3.60 will let you send Ooblets to the Wildlands for re-homing with Outgrid. This isn’t a new playable area — those are still in progress — and there’s no way to retrieve Ooblets that you’ve sent away. It’s just a quick and effective method of hatching those new Ooblets without needing to grind for more coops.

This update is live on PC and moving through certification on Xbox. Here are the full patch notes for Oobletsupdate v0.3.60:

  • Wildlands Ooblet-rehoming system
  • Redid our saving system to hopefully lower the number of corrupted saves
  • Added a save file de-corrupter in-game for when it does inevitably happen again
  • Player can always reject seeds, even in the tutorial
  • Added scroll bar to hairdo UI
  • If player does not have a cot, one will be provided for free
  • Shops should all now refill every day (sorry about that, it was because the save data was not saving the inventories of some of the stores each day, so they’d be empty upon load)
  • Fixed issue where some people weren’t seeing items added to furniture store (also a saving issue)
  • Quality settings should save correctly between sessions
  • Removed de-weeding sound when your Ooblets de-weed
  • New hairs will show at the top of hair list instead of bottom
  • Watering can shouldn’t show up when you’re looking at the figurines anymore
  • Inventory UX improvements
  • Balloon pathfinding improvements
  • Farming improvements (fixed another scenario where player might get stuck in farming mode)
  • Fixed issue where player was accidentally being given ALL rewards for completing figurine collections, instead of just one of the rewards
  • Increased sea-dangling rewards from higher tier baits