Now you can throw a fit in public with Mario Party Arcade


A joint venture with Capcom

You’re leading by four Stars in Mario Party— it’s down to the final few turns — and you’ve won most of the minigames so far so you’re pretty sure the Minigame Star in the bag. Then your friend uncovers a hidden Star, gets a free Boo item to steal a Star from you, and gets the Happening Star at the end. You throw the controller at your console so hard it freezes the game.

That’s a common home experience for sure, but now you can do it in arcades too. Nintendo has announced Mario Party Mysterious Challenge Worldin conjunction with Capcom, set to debut on February 19 at the Japan Amusement Expo in Chiba. After that, it’ll arrive in the summer nationwide.

With how stale the series has been lately with Nd Cube, I’d actually love to see Capcom take a crack at it on consoles.

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