Observer to release August 15, star Blade Runner actor


Somebody’s watching me

Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team and publisher Aspyr Media have announced that their first-person horror game, Observer, will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC August 15.

The game, which deals with a dystopian society where anyone’s deepest fears can be hacked and manipulated, puts players in the hard-boiled shoes of neural detective Daniel Lazarski. Observer‘s vision of the year 2084 is bleak, dark, and depressing; a mix of dimly lit streets and rising neon signs that convey both the promise of a better future and the disappointment of reality falling short.

The above trailer sets the scene for Observer‘s cyber-future. It also introduces Lazarski’s voice actor, Rutger Hauer. Hauer is best known for playing Roy Batty in Blade Runner, a movie which clearly serves as an artistic inspiration for Bloober Team’s upcoming game.

Hauer’s gruff voice falls in line with Observer‘s dark tone. Its psychological horror deals in glitchy nightmares and invasive machinery. Players will hack the minds of twisted criminals and their tortured victims in hopes tracking down Hauer’s long-estranged son. In a world where even your darkest secrets aren’t safe, there’s no telling what to expect from Observer.