Octavia Prime and Sevagoth are coming soon to Warframe


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Today’s Epic Games Store Spring Showcase was a bit of a mixed bag as it had a couple of huge bitsof news that have dominated the conversation mixed in with a lot of updates on games you’re probably well familiar with. Warframe, which launched on the Epic Games Store late last year, had just a moment in the spotlight during the stream and used the opportunity to showcase what’s coming up in the next few weeks for players. Not only are we getting a new Warframe, but one fan favorite is getting reintroduced in their Prime form.

Octavia, who first appeared back in 2017, will make her Prime debut on February 23 on all available platforms. Octavia Prime will come equipped with Prime versions of her Tenora and Pandero weapons, as well as a Shawzin Prime.

I never really wrapped my head around the Shawzin, so I don’t know if I’ll be adding Octavia Prime to my collection. However, Sevagoth, the 46th Warframe, is definitely a must-have for me. The ghostly ‘Frame is set to debut later this spring with the “Call of the Tempestarii” update that’ll add new Railjack battles to the game.

While those additions will have to wait, starting today, you can begin taking part in the Star Days event to earn some stylish wings and more. Check out Ticker’s booth on Fortune between now and February 24 to claim those rewards. From February 15 through March 6, the game will be celebrating Lunar New Year with limited-time rewards.

Star Days Are Here[PlayWarframe]