Oculus exec: PlayStation VR isn't as good as Oculus


Haha ok

Oculus Rift exec Palmer Luckey is in full backpedal mode after unveiling the $600 consumer headset price ($1500 with a PC, for “normal people”). While the price is absolutely expected, the fact that execs previously stated that it would be in the ballpark of $350 is ticking a few people off, leading to Luckey responding that he handled the situation “poorly.” Now he’s taken to explain the quality of Oculus in comparison to PlayStation VR.

Speaking to IB Times, he notes that “their headset isn’t quite as high-end as ours,” and that the “PlayStaton 4 is not nearly as powerful as our recommended spec for a PC,” but still admits that it’s a “good headset.” He explains his relationship with Sony a bit, saying that he’s been in contact with them, and likes that they’re ultimately making more games for VR. PlayStation VR doesn’t even have a set release date or price, mind.

Having used both, I don’t really see Oculus as leaps and bounds better. I’m personally more interested in PS VR myself, as it has a powerhouse gaming studio behind it rather than a startup, and is easily incorporated into an existing standardized platform in the PS4. I have a gaming PC that can run the Oculus, but the ease of use for PS VR makes it that much more enticing for all of my friends.

Oculus VR Founder Defends Rift Price Tag, Speaks Kindly (Sort Of) About Sony PlayStation VR [IB Times]