Oculus Quest 2 will have controller free hand tracking for some games, Facebook leak confirms


It’ll also sport a faster processor and better resolution

The Oculus Quest is a rad piece of tech. Facebook was very smart to anchor their entire future to it, as the tetherless system that does not require any other hardware is one of the most accessible ways to enter the VR space to date. A follow-up to the Quest has been expected for some time, and now it’s been fully revealed: a little sooner than expected.

Thanks to a leak from Facebook’s own site, we have all of the details ahead of the Wednesday unveiling. You can get an extensive look at the headset via the videos below, but the upgrades themselves are fairly substantial in nature. In addition to full hand tracking (for select games), the headset will also sport 4K video (2K in each eye), with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor.

Facebook also boasts that the Oculus Touch remotes (which are already a feat of engineering) are upgraded, in addition to 3D audio for the standalone headset (which does not require headphones, like the original Quest). The link cable will still be an option for folks who want to hook up their Quest to their PC for extra power.

Facebook is expected to give us full details on Wednesday, but given that their own site spilled the beans, it may come earlier. Right now the rumors point to a $300 entry point, with a $400 possible price for the 256GB model that was unveiled via the leaks.

Given how impressive the original Quest was out of the box, this one should be even more enticing. I can’t wait to try it out: particularly the new controllers.

Meet Quest 2 [Facebook via VG247]