Oculus teasing a card game better than Yu-Gi-Oh


Is card battling in VR something people want?

Boy genius and founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey, has seemingly teased that some kind of virtual-reality card battle game is in the works, saying, “Anyone remember the Virtual World arc of Yu-Gi-Oh? Get ready for something even better!”

Luckey also retweeted a tweet that said, “Awesome. A VR card game like Magic the Gatheringwould be perfect!” Perhaps this tweet hit the nail on the head, and it will be a new MtGgame that spawns VR versions of your cards?

Jason Rubin, also part of the company, replied to Palmer stating, “Excited for this announcement! One of the experiences most ‘tested’ around Oculus Studios…” Whatever it is, it sounds like something even the Oculus team digs.

For those of you who aren’t hip on Yu-Gi-Ohor the Virtual World story arc, educate yourself. I know Luckey has done some amazing things, but making something better than Yu-Gi-Oh? Now that is a lofty goal, am I right?

Disclosure: I don’t know anything about Yu-Gi-Ohother than I hate the lead character’s hair and Blue Eyes White Dragon is a thing.

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