ODST's Firefight finally joins Master Chief Collection this summer


An old friend

There has been one big gun missing from Halo: The Master Chief Collectionall these years. Five years later, Halo 3: ODSTwill finally be complete.

Halodeveloper 343 Industries revealed today that ODST‘s Firefight mode will be added to The Master Chief Collectionsometime this summer. It’s coming to both the Xbox One and PC versions. ODSTon PC is expected to launch sometime in the coming months — probably shortly after Halo 3— and Firefight will likely be simultaneously released. On Xbox One, ODSThas somehow been a part of Master Chief Collectionfor more than five years now, a make-good gift for the terrible state the bundle originally launched in. My, how time flies.

Firefight was Halo‘s first stab at cooperative horde back when that was the cool and novel multiplayer mode du jour. Gears of War 2and Halo 3: ODSTwere some of the first big names to popularize horde mode, and that legacy still lives on. Firefight was adapted for Halo: Reachand Halo 5; Halo 4dropped Firefight in favor of Spartan Ops.

Get the band back together. Pretty soon, wave after wave, all the Grunts and all the Brutes are gonna have to fall.