Of course Japan gets a cool Dragon Quest Metal Slime New 2DS XL


I really dislike the marketing term ‘New’

Man I’m just done with this “New” thing Nintendo.Is the “New” 3DS even new anymore? It’s not, right? There’s the New 3DS XL, and now the New 2DS XL. I know people have joked that the next move is the “New, New 3DS,” which is something out of a Simpsonsepisode, but I’d believe it.

Following the announcement of the New 2DS XL, Square Enix and Nintendo prove that once again Japan gets all of the cool (new) stuff — as they’ve unveiled a “Bubble Metal Slime New 2DS XL.” It’ll roll hard on July 29, priced at 22,480 Yen (which, based on my guestimate is around $205 with my no-look Google [it’s $201.70]).

That makes it roughly $50 more than the standard model, but you’ll get the physical edition of Dragon Quest XI, as well as a home menu theme for the Bubble Metal Slime. Oh and the hardware with one of the best designs in the history of portables. Seems worth it.

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