Of course you can take selfies in Final Fantasy XV


What self-respecting boy band wouldn’t take selfies?

Press releases, demos, anime, movies, trailers, gameplay videos, chunks of the final game, action figures, PlayStation Pro compatibility, interviews, Q&As,DLC, name changes, virtual reality experiences, apologies, cars, key visuals, posters. We have everything butthe game. Square-Enix is like that obsessive ex who keeps posting pictures and messages about how good and happy they are. Now they’re even taking selfies. Can’t spell Enix without “ex” after all.

It took me a while just to check how much of this news is actually new, given years of information dumps. I feel bad for anyone who has taken up every bit of information, as they probably won’t have much left to be surprised by. This time guest characters as well as individual skills of the four main cast members have been detailed. And oh yeah there’s a leviathan too, no biggie. Well, he’s a biggie but you see it’s a figure of sp-never mind.

As you already know, Noctis likes to fish, Prompto likes to take photos, Ignis likes to cook, and Gladiolus likes to look for stuff. Yeah, write that one on your Tinder profile, Glady. All four skills are leveled up in predictable ways: Catching lots of fish, cooking a lot, taking lots of photos, and walking. Increasing your fishing level just serves to increase fishing ability and make fishing items cheaper, so it seems skippable if you’re not down to clownfish. The others are more useful though.

You’ll want to raise Gladiolus’s ‘”survival” level, as the chances of obtaining rare items will increase. Not that you have a choice since it raises automatically by walking. Then again, does that mean it won’t increase when you drive or ride chocobos? Taking a bunch of photos with with Prompto will eventually unlock the ability to add various filters and most of all, take selfies. Yep, it seems you have to unlock it first. I guess he’s just working up his courage?

As far as cooking with Ignis is concerned, he’ll get more recipes as you gather ingredients from killing monsters and travel the world. Ignis can use these to prepare everyone’s favorite meals. Give them what they like and you’ll have greater command over them in battle. I would say cooking complex meals with fancy equipment goes against the spirit of camping, but I myself am totally guilty of bringing an electric grill to a boy scouts camp when I was younger.

What do Leviathans eat though? Any and all of your enemies of course. Did I mention he’s really big? Not too big to get in this game though, right Ridley?

Those of you who wanted some female characters to join this sausage fest will be just as happy as those who wanted Ridley, Waluigi, Ashley, and Skullkid, in Super Smash Bros. You got it, but not really. Guest characters, including moogle-equipped Iris Amicitia, will help out temporarily at certain parts in the story. Kind of like an assist trophy, no?

As I write this, they just announced on Twitter(2, 3) they have more information on Monday about extra features that’ll be available to download day one. If you don’t want to hear anymore aboutFinal Fantasy XV, I’d say it’s high time to turn off the internet because the street date has apparently been broken in Peru and perhaps other places. That means copies are floating about in regular people’s hands. (psst: that means spoilers are coming).