CD Projekt Red gets our mouths watering with an official Witcher Cookbook


Get ready for a feast

Food has never looked so delicious as it does in video games. Whole sub-communities have popped up who are dedicated to recreating video game food as faithfully as possible, and it looks like a whole lot of fun to make some of this stuff. One series that has been a fixation of these gaming-inspired chefs is The Witcher, because the food in those games makes our stomachs grumble just by looking at it (which I guess is all we can do in this case). It was only a matter of time, then, before CD Projekt Red announced that The Witcher would be getting an official cookbook, which will feature 80 recipes inspired by the games.

The book is authored by Anita Sarna and Karolina Krupecka, who run the Witcher Kitchen and Nerds’ Kitchen websites respectively. The book’s pre-order page gives us some mouth-watering previews of what’s to come: “Warm up over a bowl of fragrant stew or juicy baked fruit from the namesake trees of White Orchard; end a hard journey to Velen with a hearty, rustic meal at the local tavern; enjoy an aromatic snack as you stroll the markets of Oxenfurt; sample dishes from near and far in the diverse port city of Novigrad; dine on freshly-caught fish and mulled drinks on the islands of Skellige; feast on rich dishes in the sun-drenched climates of Toussaint and Beauclair; or forage on the perilous road to Kaer Morhen to learn the edible secrets of the witcher’s keep.”

Take a culinary journey through the Continent with The Witcher Cookbook — created by Anita Sarna and Karolina Krupecka of @WitcherKitchen & @NerdsKitchen, it includes 80 mouthwatering recipes inspired by the world of The Witcher games!

Pre-order now:

— The Witcher (@witchergame) March 31, 2022

It’s really cool to see a huge game studio like CD Projekt Red embrace their fans on such a huge scale. Not only will this book help talented members of the fandom have their work seen, but it also provides a really nice keepsake that players will be able to cherish. As someone who wants to be cooking for myself more this year, this would be a really fun project to take on.

The Witcher Cookbook is available for $35 for the physical version, or $15 for the Kindle, and will be available wherever books are sold on October 25.


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