Oh Halo no: 343 flooded with reports of Halo 5 multiplayer rank resets


Fortunately, it doesn’t seem permanent

Some who have dumped several hours in Halo 5‘s multiplayer over the past two weeks might see an unwelcome sight when they turn on the game. There’s a chance that their multiplayer progress has been reset. That’s the nightmare scenario come true for a lot of players.

Right now, Halo Waypoint’s forum is littered with threads from people who have been hit with the mystery reset. Reports state that the reset impacts rank, commendations, REQ, and other things. Developer 343 Industries doesn’t have an explanation for the situation, just that it’s “working on a solution.”

The silver lining is that the unintentional wipe doesn’t seem to be permanent. Some users are reporting that everything’s back to normal now. While 343 looks into the cause, Halo 5‘s matchmaking might be affected. That’s okay — word is that there are a few other games for Xbox One players to enjoy.

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