Oh hell yes, this Breaking Bad Final Fantasy XIV cosplay is on point


Real good

I’ve posted many times about how expansive the cosmetic (glamour) system is inFinal Fantasy XIV, but people always manage to surprise me.

Here we have a pretty on point rendition of Walter White fromBreaking Bad by osprey_skyhigh, both in his “wacky teacher” form and as the one who knocks. You’d think that as aLalafell they’d have trouble doubling asBryan Cranston, but they pull it off with spades. The creator says that it’s for a Free Company cosplay competition, and suffice to say I think they have a good chance of winning.

I think the most impressive thing is the recreation of both backgrounds. They managed to find both a school and desert setting that looks very similar to the actual shots from the show. Nice work!

Free Company is holding a cosplay competition here is my entry[Reddit]