Oh hey look, a free new suit for Spider-Man: Miles Morales


It’s the Advanced Tech Suit

Insomniac has done a pretty good job of handling the Spider-Manfranchise.

I mean, the first game made some waves, but it doesn’t get enough credit for how breezy its open world is. It’s the kind of sandbox you can finish in the time it takes to fully complete some other bloated open world romps, and that sort of restraint should be commended.

While some lament the fact that Spider-Man: Miles Moraleswas shorter, I celebrated it. Once again I found myself hitting that 100% completion mark and not stressing it. The injection of free DLC costumes doesn’t hurt either.

As of now, you can grab a new update for Miles Morales, which includes the classic free costume add-on. In this case it’s the Advanced Tech Suit, amid “various fixes” for the game itself. Insomniac also flaunts “realistic muscle deformation for select suits,” which is a PS5 exclusive feature.

Remember when Microsoft kept touting “the power of the cloud” for basically every presentation? Well, now we just have the power of new consoles to fuel things like realistic muscles.

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