Oh look, it's more great Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker art


Endwalker art? What a perfect way to cap off a week

So Square Enix knows that cosmetics and art are a huge selling point of Final Fantasy XIV, and this Endwalker art salvo is no exception. I’ve known many people who celebrate cosmetics and use the glamour and customization system to the fullest, so why not sate that crowd with a constant stream of art.

You can check out the full designs of many crafter outfits now on the official site’s artwork section, which was just recently updated. In true Final Fantasy XIV fashion they range from stoic, to practical, to impractical.

Perhaps most importantly, if you’re all about content rather than fashion, Square Enix also gave us an up close and personal look at the Magus Sisters boss fight. I actually took them on recently in the press preview session, and really enjoyed the overall setup of the dungeon they were featured in: Tower of Zot. I dug the idea of fighting all three of them separately in their own boss battle, then taking them all on at once with all of the knowledge you’ve acquired up until that point.

You can check all of the above out in the gallery below.