Oh look, official Shin Megami Tensei V wallpapers


Any excuse to talk about this game

Now that Shin Megami Tensei V has been out for a bit, it’s marinated enough for people to either have finished it. But people won’t stop talking about it, much to my delight. This one is worth keeping in the conversation, as SMT rarely gets the same respect as other RPGs on the market, at least in the west. For now, we have Shin Megami Tensei V wallpapers.

Shared by way of the official site, Atlus has put together a little wallpaper “collection,” with several key protagonists, a few early demons, and Jack Frost: the company mascot. There’s also two larger wallpapers that depict a general “box art” feel. Some of the Shin Megami Tensei V wallpapers are framed for mobile, some are desktop.

Hopefully Atlus adds more of these to the “collection.” To be frank, someone should go through the effort to make these for every single demon. I’m sure someone would use it! There are so many great demon designs lurking in this game that a lot of people aren’t even going to see. SMT generally doesn’t spark that “catch ’em all” feel like Pokemon does, but trust me when I say you should seek out as many of them as possible.

Hey, hey! The #SMT5 Digital Wallpaper collection is here ~ https://t.co/p8s6m5gz9d pic.twitter.com/V0XQ1LnVYe

— Official ATLUS West (@Atlus_West) November 23, 2021