Oh my god, the graphics in this Fallout 4 trailer are incredible


Game’s come a long way

Fallout 4 has caught varying degrees of flack since its first showing over its perceived sub-standard graphics (which is to say it looks fine, just isn’t balancing on the forever increasing cutting edge that the biggest games of the year are expected to be on). Bethesda has even gone on record, saying it didn’t mind at all that some people were so upset and displeased.

But clearly this has all been a ruse, because if this latest trailer is any indication, Fallout 4 might just be the best-looking game this year. I mean, that looks more gorgeous and realistic than even The Witcher 3.

And the work they put in on Dogmeat? He’s come a long way from the E3 reveal. What a difference four months makes. I wonder if that’s why no one outside of Bethesda has even played Fallout 4 yet, despite it being roughly three weeks from release (November 10). The team might’ve been nose to the grindstone, no time for marketing, interviews, press coverage.

Plus they got some Dion in there, which is ace.