Oh oh my, Overwatch's Lucio-Oh's are being made into a real cereal


Sounds sweet

Overwatch hero Lucio has an in-game spray where he has his own brand of cereal. In a few months, it seems he’ll actually have his own brand of cereal.

Kellogg’s and Blizzard are apparently teaming up to manufacture Lucio-Oh’s cereal. They’re “sonic vanilla” flavored and look like Froot Loops. According to the promotional shots of the box (below), Lucio-Oh’s will be available on December 3 and stay on shelves through the end of 2018 — that is, if it’s ever actually widely-available in the first place.

There’s some extra appeal for Overwatch players apart from the blatant fan service. Each box of cereal comes with a Loot Boost — a temporary bonus that awards two loot boxes instead of one the next three times the player levels up. That’s a sweet deal.

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