Okay techno Souls-like The Surge is getting a demo soon


For PC, PS4, Xbox One

I thought Ray was pretty spot-on with his review ofThe Surge.

For those who aren’t aware, this is the latest action RPG from the developer of Lords of the Fallen, but with a tint toward augmentation, robotics, and other facets of modern technology. To say it riffs Soulsentirely is unfair as it does try to forge its own identity, bu tit does owe a whole lot to From Software. If you’re curious, you can check it out for yourself on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in demo form, which has a classic release date of “soon.”

My main issue is that in addition to feeling very linear (it even has “levels” that feel disjointed), it didn’t have much to say in regards to its setting or theme. While Soulsgames often put the journey first it’s an intriguing series lore-wise, even if much of it is subtext to be decoded by ardent fans.

The Surge [Facebook]