Old school cRPG-inspired Pillars of Eternity out now


Don Pilar’s Of Eternity

Obsidian Entertainment’s crowdfunded, Baldur’s Gate-style role-playing game Pillars of Eternity is out today. Reviews are coming in hot, mad positive, though you’ll have to wait (with bells on) a whole hour longer for ours. It’s a lengthy game.

Until then, have a trailer to hold you over. Or, you know, you’ve probably already bought (or originally backed) the dang thing.

If not (or you can’t play it yet for some reason, like you are working to earn money on which to live, or are suspended above a spike pit with internet access but not interested in calling for help), Paradox will also be doing a special live stream here at 3PM PST, probably timed to coincide with our review.