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Old school-tinted shooter Immortal Redneck is coming to Switch next month

May 10

Immortal Redneck came out last year on PC and hit PS4 and Xbox One several months ago, but the jury was still out on the “TBA” Switch edition. Well wonder no more, as developer Crema has confirmed that the Switch version is set for a May 10 release.

Given its procedural roguelike setup, it’s going to be a great fit on Switch. Before you yawn at the concept note that Immortal Redneckis a fantastic ode to old school shooters like Quakeand Unreal Tournament, with a fun locomotion system and a host of weaponry.

I’ve already gone through it on two platforms, but I think Switch will be my focus going forward for this one because of how quickly I can get runs in on the go.

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