OmniBus is the unstoppable force of public transit


Goodbye immovable objects

According to the trailer below, the long-awaited OmniBus is finally on its way, after a two-decade toil in development hell. Also according to the trailer below, it has made the cover of Time, Forbes, and Rolling Stone. Something tells me the trailer below is not a reliable source of information.

Like the bus from the movie Speed, the OmniBus cannot stop or slow down. Unlike the bus from the movie Speed, the OmniBus appears functionally indestructible. Its only weakness is when it lands on its back or sides, like a gigantic motorized turtle. I’ll be honest: I’m not sure what to make of this, but Devolver Digital is publishing, and it usually picks winners, so it might be worth keeping an eye on this one.

OmniBus is set to release some time this spring.