Once again, the protagonist can't catch a break in Far Cry 5


At least he’s not buried up to his head in sand?

It’s kind of a running joke that each Far Cry“hero” (Ajay was far more of a paragon than Jason) is screwed at the start, or on the game’s packaging. I mean, more screwed than the average comeback tale, at least — we haven’t had a wistful empowering cover since the second iteration.

Ubisoft provided a new look at Far Cry 5 today, which among other things, re-confirms that it’s set in America, with all sorts of lampooned Americana. You have the militant religious angle (complete with crosses instead of stars on the flag), the Jesus imagery, the whole shebang. And right in the corner is what we can only assume is the hero of our story (or sympathetic to his plight), screwed.

I wonder what sort of levity or nuance Ubisoft will add to this tale — based on the rote religious angle, I’m not hopeful.Michael Mando did a fantastic job as Vaas in Far Cry 3, and is currently killing it in Better Call Saul, and Far Cry 4basically had a more flamboyant Joker, so maybe a bearded American bad guy (I’m calling him Duck Dynasty Donald until Ubisoft gives us a name) can deliver. Probably not.