One amazing dad subbed in for his son in Rocket League tournament


In a 2v2 match

Having played Pokemon Go‘s raids for the past week or so I’ve seen some pretty amazing parents. Moms and dads alike, out there catching Pokemon either for their kids or with them, brought a smile to a lot of the groups I was with. The same goes for this story with an eSports tint.

As part of an NBC Rocket League2v2 tournament,Josh Russo was all suited up and ready to go with his friend, until disaster struck and he couldn’t make it. But wait, a wild dad appeared, and Russo’s father Nick subbed in for him to allow him to continue the match under the callsign “Actually Toxic.”

Note that his dad wasn’t a ringer, or at least, he didn’t act like one in the impending match. Even though they lost Russo’s father did score a goal, and many laughs were had all around the net and in the subsequent interviews on NBC.

The farthest my mom would go is Paperboyfor the NES, so this dad has come a long way in such a short amount of time!