One Finger Death Punch 2 developer: 'We hid secret games in the sequel and if no one finds them, that's okay'


‘It’s about 90% done’

One Finger Death Punch garnered a lot of goodwill when it arrived back in 2013. It’s currently sitting high with a 10/10 overall rating on Steam with over 10,000 reviews.If you’ve never played it before, think of those stick man Flash videos (you know the ones), but highly stylized to fit into the schema of a rhythm-like fighter.It’s all due to the love and care of Silver Dollar Games: ran on the backs of the Flook brothers, Jon and David.

They’ve low key been making games for roughly a decade now, giving a lot of love to the Xbox Live Indie scene, but for the past five years they’ve been branching out to pretty much every platform they can get their hands on.One Finger Death Punch 2follows that same modern mantra of accessibility, but it brings a lot of Silver Dollar’s history along with it.

Thanks to a tip from our own Kevin Mersereau, I learned thatOne Finger Death Punch 2 was being shown at EGLX this weekend. I quickly made a point to speak to the Flook brothers about how they were progressing with the sequel and what to expect from it. The most interesting tidbit from our informal Q&A — it’s going to have some quirky secrets.

“We have some real awesome stuff in there for our old fans. Our first game is hidden in One Finger Death Punch 2, as is our most recent canceled project,” Jon Flook told me. “We don’t even care if people find them! It’s perfectly okay,” he clarified. He also hinted at more potential secrets that no one may ever discover.

Flook saysOne Finger Death Punch 2 is “pretty much 90% done,” with a PC release date set for April. “Maybe” a month or so after that Xbox and Switch will follow, with PS4 at some point in the future. When asked about specifics on the delayed timing, Flook mentioned that limited resources played a factor: “we can’t get it on everything that quickly with a team of our size.”

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