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One of the best anime shows, Lodoss War, is getting a 2D sidecroller


Record of Lodoss War is celebrating its 30th anniversary since the birth of the original series of novels (which spawned an OVA and follow-up TV series), and they’re celebrating in a small, but very welcome way.

The developer behind Shin Megami Tensei: SynchronicityPrologue (that fake but actually real SMT sidescroller), Ladybug team, is working on a new Lodoss War2D platformer and they have a short video showcasing some teaser artwork for it.

It’s very early yet, but the clip gives us a look at the elf Deedlit’s sprite with some brief animation reels, as well as some concept art, an example environment, and a quick combat demonstration.As long as Parn the the rest of the crew shows up I’m in! The visuals look sleek and the action is crisp, so even if it’s a short romp it’ll have been worth it just to dive back into this incredible fantasy world. The project is said to be coming later this year by way of Steam.

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