One screen of ODST in Master Chief Collection sums up the past four months


Take it all in

Halo 3: ODSTis getting added to The Master Chief Collectionsometime in the near future. It’s going to be free for anyone that owned The Master Chief Collectionprior to December 19, and it’ll likely be paid DLC for everyone else. Today, 343 Industries gives us our first glimpse at this take on ODST, and it nicely sums up the troubled bundle’s arc over the past four months.

Just look at this screen. Soak it in for a minute. Up until recently, The Master Chief Collection‘s existence has been a thunderstorm, a calamity of brokenness. A recent patch mostly fixed all that.

Now, most people find that matchmaking works like it was originally intended. That’s where the sun peeking out through the clouds comes in. Maybe bright days are ahead for this package after all.

Oh, wait. The place is a ghost town. I guess that’ll happen when your game doesn’t function until four fucking months after release.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Update 3.13.15 [Halo Waypoint]