Onimusha still looks great 17 years later, especially in remastered form


I studied the blade

Onimusha: Warlords blew me away back in 2001. Capcom knew they had a hit foundation when they released Resident Evil in 1996, and it formed the basis of so many of their classic entries like Dino Crisis, and of course, Onimusha. Onimusha‘s sound direction was fantastic, the art direction was hauntingly beautiful, and it helped cement the ultra-hard “challenge room” extra that Capcom had experimented with in the past. It ticked all the right boxes.

If you’ve never played it before or want to see if the nostalgia-fueled memories hold up, Capcom just put out 10 minutes of the remaster on their YouTube channel, which deals with a very early part of the game with minimal spoilers (the first Onimushahas a cheesy action vibe to its narrative anyway).

The remaster is due on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch on January 15, 2019.