Online open world… basketball? NBA 2K18 has my attention


Come on and slam

Well I was just talking in my Madden 18review about the lackluster story of NBA 2K18, and now 2K shows an ambitious new mode called The Neighborhood. In an open world spanning several urban residential blocks, players can team up for pick-up games, hit the arcade, workout at the gym, change your hairstyle, and even ride bikes to earn prizes, customization options, and stat points.

Mixing elements from previous modes like MyPARK and Pro-Am, the Neighborhood expands on them with many ways to progress and customize your player. No wonder they were keeping quiet.

I like to think of it as like Dragon Ball Xenoverseonly with basketball instead of martial arts and ki blasts. What would be cooler though, playing pick-up basketball in a Dragon Ballgame, or Dragon Ballstyle fights with Kamehameha’s and Galick Gun’s in a basketball world?