Only in Japan: Destroy Tokyo as giant robot school girl in VR


Girl’s school uniform not included

It’s odd that I was just recently watching videos of Demolition Girl, a PS2 game where you must fight to take down a giant supermodel who’s wreaking havoc on Japan. I thought such games would never be made today, but then I remembered Japan is in this weird time limbo where they still use fax machines and make giant girl games. This time, you will play asthe girl in the fabulously named A.I am Monster, releasing in Japan in 2017. But not just any girl; a giant, robot school girl.

The magic genies who will grant your wish to become the little (giant) girl are Cave, known for making a bunch of anime bullet hell games not named Touhou. The girl featured in A.I am Monsterappears to be from its most popular series, Donpachi. More specifically, she looks like the cover girl ofDoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu.

While it’s fun to point and laugh at the ridiculousness of it, let’s be real folks: this game looks like trash. The frame-rate turns into a slideshow even in their announcement trailer, and there doesn’t appear to be much depth to the game at all beyond punching buildings. That is probably why they put a boy in a girls school girl uniform in the bottom corner to distract us.

While unlikely to come with the game (though don’t be surprised if it does), it appears wearing a school girls uniform is the only true way to play this game. Whoever ends up reviewing this game will certainly have to record themselves just as this guy has in order to prove they played properly. One-two-three not-it!

巨大化した“怒り”となって東京を襲撃、経済損失でスコアを稼げ! ケイブがVRコンテンツを開発、2017年リリース予定[Famitsu]