Only Jimi Hendrix can solve Jimi Hendrix's murder in The Jimi Hendrix Case


Help me Jimi, you’re my only hope

In a world where everyone is Jimi Hendrix, from the preacher giving a sermon in church to the baby in a stroller, the mother of that baby to the dead body in the alley, only Jimi Hendrix can save Jimi Hendrix from Jimi Hendrix.

Did I write Jimi Hendrix enough times? The name is starting to do that weird thing where it stops looking like it’s a word.

The Jimi Hendrix Case is a new, free indie game in which Detective Jimi Hendrix has to solve the murder of Jimi Hendrix. Everyone you meet along the way is merely named Hendrix, being either Hendrix or Hendrix in drag. It’s probably not a huge spoiler to say that the killer you’re hunting down is Jimi Hendrix.

It’s like searching for a Jimi in a Hendrix stack.

The game, which is a pixel art mystery adventure puzzle game, mainly revolves around asking Hendrixes what happened to Hendrix, and getting answers no matter the cost. If you have to shoot a Hendrix in the kneecap to get some answers, that’s all in the line of duty for Detective Hendrix.


You can grab a free copy of The Jimi Hendrix Case here.