Ono cosplays Blanka, hints at character reveal in Brazil


Brief video of new stage

I want to cosplay as Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono cosplaying as Blanka. Or as Zombie Yoshinori Ono Cosplaying As Blanka after Capcom finally kills him.

Ono showed off a little bit of Street Fighter V‘s Brazil stage in this video. “But wait…if we have a Brazilian stage in the game that means…THAT MEANS…Everyone might have already guessed it, but please look forward to the Brazil Game Show.”

Expect Blanka to be revealed in October.

There’s also a beta in two weeks that only allows for online versus, which I sort of get as a means to test online play, but it still bums me out. I want to hang out with Ono in Brazil and play Street Fighter V instead, but I’ve also seen that movie about Brazil, Brazil, and it seems scary.