Ooblets roadmap points to a new region in September


One very special new Ooblet is on the way too

A lot of people have run into a content wall in Ooblets. The Early Access launchwas a fine first taste — an introduction to all the farming, collecting, socializing, and dancing that awaits us. It didn’t last terribly long though, as most players exhaust all the tasks around the dozen-hour mark. Unless you’re meticulously hunting for gleamies or flipping lurge lattys, there’s not much left to do.

Developer Glumberland has given us an idea of when we can expect major content additions. Oobletshas a roadmap now, and the nearest thing on the horizon is the introduction of Nullwhere in September. Nullwhere is the spooky-themed area where Ooblets like Glanter and Marshling are found. It’ll be the first opportunity to get another piece of the Oobnet up and running.

Looking further out, Glumberland says we can expect a full 1.0 launch in mid- to late 2021. The Wildlands area is targeting a December 2020 window, the Port Forward area is aiming for early 2021, and then there are two unannounced regions and some meta story stuff that will be included in mid-2021.

The timeline is kind of hazy and subject to change, but for good reason. Glumberland is a two-person team, and they’re expecting a baby in the very near future. Family life might mildly affect the pacing of future updates, which is certainly understandable. They’re bringing on some extra development help to hopefully stick as close to the roadmap as possible. The Oobcoop is about to get a little more crowded.

Roadmap [Ooblets]